Coincheck’s account registration method (procedure of identity verification, how to buy, etc.) thoroughly explained!

This time, I would like to explain in detail the method of opening account of Coincheck, which is very good reputation from beginners among exchanges in crypto currency.

People are strongly encouraged to open a Coincheck account for the time being , “I would like to buy a crypto currency!”

The exchange is indispensable to purchase the crypto currency, so I’d like to keep the account opening early.

People like “Coincheck? What is it?” People read the following article and see.

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Let’s start registration right now!

Registration procedure

Go to Coincheck’s page

Let’s access the Coincheck page in the meantime.

Coincheck’s page →

If you want to change the language, you should click the part surrounded by the red circle in the picture above.

Then, the following page will appear, so please enter the e-mail address and password in the part surrounded by the red circle .

Since you need this email address and password to log in afterwards please do not forget!

By the way, although it seems to be able to register even with Facebook account, from the viewpoint of security, this method is not recommended much .

Let’s adultly register with your email address.

Check the confirmation email

When registration is over, please check the confirmation mail should arrive at the email address you registered earlier.

When you receive an email, the account creation is complete by clicking the URL of the part surrounded by a red circle .

However, even if you create an account, you can not buy and sell coins unless you do work on identity verification .

Next, we will proceed to work on identity verification.


By clicking on the URL written in the previous email, the following screen should open.

Then click on the part titled “Submit your identity confirmation document” surrounded by a red circle.

Then you are asked to authenticate your phone number, so please enter the phone number (mobile phone) as shown in the image above and certify the 6 digit number.

When the above screen appears, phone number authentication is over.

In the image above + 81 and after it is “…” because of the security reasons I processed the image, originally the phone number you registered will be displayed.

When telephone number certification is over, we will submit the identity confirmation document this time. In the image above, please click on the “pay in Japanese yen” button surrounded by red circle.

Then, you should move to the page like above, please click the button “Submit your identity confirmation document” next time surrounded by a red circle.

Then, since the consent form for various important matters is displayed, please check each item when you go through the first street and click the part of “Please agree to and accept the various important matters and accept the service” Please.

Then, at last, we will enter necessary information and verify the identity.

For now, please fill in the blanks according to the instructions until “main purpose of use”.

At this time, please note “Your home address”. If you type in an address different from the address written on the identity confirmation document here , you can not verify your identity, so please be careful .

Then, the next will finally upload the identity confirmation document.

Here as well, you should follow the instructions, but one thing you want to be aware of is the identity card that you can use as a personal identification document. The identity confirmation documents that can be used with Coincheck are as follows.

· Passport (Please submit page with address of face and address page)
· Residence card (please also submit the back side)
· Special permanent resident certificate (please also submit back side)
· Driver’s license (please also submit back side)
· Driving history certificate (Please also submit the back side, delivery date is limited to those after April 1, 2012)
· Basic Resident Register Card (please also submit the back side)
· My number card (Please do not upload images on the back side)

In my case I took a photo of my passport and submitted it.

Please be careful that you have to upload more than one photo other than My Number card.

Also, minors should be aware that parental consent form must also be submitted.

Please download the parental consent form from here and print it.

After printing, let’s get yourself and parents’ signature, take a picture of it and upload it.

When uploading, there is a button “+ add”, so click on it and upload it.

Then, please check the mark column of “Foreign PEPs” at the end and click “Submit your identity confirmation document”.

This completes the submission of identification documents.

After a while, this kind of mail comes. (It may take about 3 to 4 days to register on the day that is not a business day for a few hours at the shortest)

In addition, after a few days, a postcard is sent from Coincheck, so we will finally verify all of the identity once we receive it.

In my case, it took about three days in the whole process.

Also, if you can successfully open an account, please turn on 2 step authentication setting first .

If this is not turned ON, assets are easily stolen, and we can not receive compensation from Coincheck.

The fact that you did not turn on 2-step verification is as good as not locking the safe

Let’s never turn it on.

In addition, this time I would like to explain how to set up 2-step authentication.

2-Step Verification Settings

First of all, let’s click the “setting” place on the top page.

Next, click the “two step verification” button

Next, click “Set” button

Then, this screen appears.

Then let’s set up on the smartphone side this time.

Either iPhone or Android, please install the application called “Google Authenticator”.


When you launch the application, you think that it will be like the above screen, so tap the “+” mark at the bottom right and tap the “bar code reading” place (perhaps, the iPhone person ” + “May be on the upper right).

After that, if you read the previous QR code, I think that 6 digit number will be displayed, so let’s type in it.

Finally click on the “Set” button to complete the setting.

From next time, please do not lose your smartphone because you will need a passcode when logging in and remitting.

By the way, I got both the smartphone and the tablet to read the QR code just in case . By doing this, you can avoid the worst situation that you can not log in to Coincheck even if you lose one side by chance.


I have explained how to create an account of Coincheck and how to set up 2-step authentication.

Everyone successfully created an account, let’s buy a crypto currency immediately!

My recommendation is diversification investment.

If you are interested, please read the following article.

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